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Our Very First Scottie!

Our first Scottie was India.  India was unique to say the least.   She had such a personality and some unique personalty traits that we still sometimes talk about now!


Unfortunately she was not registered.  We had brought her as a pet as we had taken a real liking to the breed and as we gained more knowledge about the breed wished we could have bred from her.  But I had decided if I was going to breed I wanted to be a registered breeder and do it properly. 


India went to heaven two months short of her 12th birthday in 2009.

Enter Bonnie

In 2003 we got another female Scottie with the hopes of breeding.  But alas Bonnie did not grow to a full size adult  so my aspirations to breed were thwarted yet again!


We will never know why but she remained small - under 6kg.  At the age of 6 she was diagnosed with TCC (Bladder Cancer) and we wonder if she had this all along and why she never grew to full size.

It was inoperable because of where it was situated, but with treatment we had two more years with this little girl who was such a larriken in spite of her size and her tumour. She was such a little fighter it was heart breaking to finally make that decision when the tumour got too big.  A gutsy little girl who touched us deeply.

The next chapter.... 

Enter Poppy (Flindersea Sophie).  Arrived 23 December 2011 in time to be a wonderful Christmas present. The naughtiest, most stubborn, head strong Scottie we have come across !!  To say this girl was a handful and was throughout her life, is an understatement!  She even failed Puppy Primary School and never passed Level 2 of obedience training although after the 3rd attempt we kinda gave up!  She definitely had the scottitude the breed is known for and then some.

Poppy was diagnosed in Nov 2018 with lymphoma a couple of weeks after her 7th birthday.  She lasted way longer than the vets anticipated but we lost her in April of 2019 too young.


Mac Head Shot Ingham_edited.jpg

We get a boy ...

As I wanted to breed and we live up in the North where other breeders of Scotties are virtually non existent, I decided it would make our lives easier if we had our own stud dog.


So 2012 enter Mac (Scotsbairn MacDuff).  And what a difference in temperament to his future wife!  While he can fire up at times, on the whole he is a very placid laid back little man.  The combination of these two ended up making the most wonderful pups and as most of them were going to families it was great they had such lovely temperaments.  Would have loved to keep more than one but wasn't allowed!!!!!!

Mac is now retired at over 11 years old but is very much still a part of our family.  He is very chilled out and loves to sleep lots on his favourite pillow!!

Next Generation!

We decided to keep one of the female pups who we called Ziggy.  Her kennel name is Townscott Zig Zag.  She is a little fircracker, very cheeky and really knows how to strut her stuff.  In 2015 we started to show her and she took to the show ring like she was always meant for it and did so well in her first season that we were blown away.  I achieved a lot of firsts with her, the main one being our first home bred champion in one short season.


She has done better than both of her parents which is the aim when breeding to improve - so very proud of this little girl. She is now a Grand Champion and a Neuter Champion and now only goes to the odd show as the next generation gets their turn.

Unfortunately, she would not or could not get pregnant.  After several tries it appeared it was not going to be.  So, breeding plans were thwarted yet again for a while.  She is still as fiesty as ever.

Our Future

After waiting a fair while for the right pups to come along, the next generation was not our own generation as we had hoped, but those of other good breeders. As of April and December 2021 respectively, two additions arrived in Townsville!

Coco and Angus, future husband and wife! 2023 we are planning another litter that has been a long time coming!


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