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About us and our kids!

We are Pieta and Peter (Jamesie) James.  We have been owned and have loved Scottish Terriers for over 30 years.  I am recently retired after working in corporate admin and Jamesie now works as a Storeman after working in IT for many years.  Jamesie enjoys AFL and umpires in the local league.  I enjoy scrapbooking and dog showing and combine them both by doing "brag walls and other crafty creations"!


We are a small kennel breeding occasionally and showing them during our short season here in the North. Our dogs live as part of our family and are our kids!!  They are able to come and go as they please and allowed to be dogs. They play in the rain, get muddy, then we clean up the muddy footprints after them! We love them dearly !

Since this love affair with Scotties began we have had 8 Scotties altogether.  Our first three Scotties have now passed over the Rainbow Bridge but they are not forgotten.


Bonnie and India


Poppy and Mac

We Enter the Show World

Something I never imagined myself doing really, but I ended up deciding that if was going to breed it could be beneficial if our breeding parents attained their championship titles - if they were good enough.

So off I trotted green as anything to my first weekend of showing (Mac hadn't arrived yet).  I really had no clue what I was doing so was just winging it, but did manage on that first weekend to get a 2nd in a Puppy Sweepstake with Poppy so was pretty pleased with that!


Initially I did not go to a huge amount of shows, so it took a little while to get our championship points but we got there with both Poppy and Mac before our first litter was born so that is an achievement I am proud of!

Day 1 P4070105_edited.jpg

Our first show - Poppy wants to play with the pup in front of her not play show dogs !

Our First Litter

Finally having our breeding pair we had our first litter in October of 2014.  Five boys and two girls.

What a steep learning curve that ended up being.  Seven puppies as a first litter was huge for a starter let alone for a first breeder!  Poppy our mum whelped 7 puppies naturally - virtually unheard of for a Scottie and she was the most perfect mum.


Unfortunately about 3 days in she nearly collapsed as pyometra took hold and the antibiotics already given would not stem it.  She had to have an emergency hysterectomy to remove the infection and save her life.  Lucky for us when she came home, she still had milk.  What a godsend, as the 36 hours she was at the vet we had to hand feed 7 puppies pretty much nonstop.  It was so hard to keep up and they weren't really putting on weight as they should.  Anyhow happy ending, all 7 pups and mum survived so we did something right!  We also had help from a very special lady, and she knows who she is !! and we will never forget what she did for us.

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