Our 2015 Achievements

Our achievements may seem small to those who have been showing a long time but we are pretty proud of them!! Only starting 3 or 4 seasons ago and not convinced I would continue, some of them I thought I would never achieve, so each one is plus.  These results are only 2015 - our best year up until now !



  • 6 x Best Neuter in Group

  • 3 x Neuter in Show




  • 10 x Best of Breeds

  • 1 x Intermediate in Group

  • 1 x Aust Bred in Group




  • 19 x Best of Breeds

  • 1 x Reserve Baby Puppy in Group at her very first show

  • 1 x Minor in Group

  • 2 x Second in Puppy Sweepstakes

  • 2 x First in Puppy Sweepstakes

  • 2 x Puppy in Group

  • 1 x Best in Group

  • 1 x Puppy in Show

  • 1 x Junior in Group (first junior class)

  • 1 x 2nd in her puppy class at Melbourne Royal

  • Earned her championship points in one season


Mac - Intermediate Run Off
Mac - Intermediate Run Off

Photo Cheryl Jones

Mac Intermediate in Group 2105 TSV
Mac Intermediate in Group 2105 TSV

Photo Cheryl Jones

Poppy Best Neuter in Show - first one - Thuringowa KC Photo Krystal Smith

Ziggy - Stash from Tully Show 2015

Best Neuter in Show x 2 for the weekend - Townsville KC Photo Cheryl Jones

Ziggy - Best in Group 2 - Mareeba 2015 - First one for the James'.

Ziggy - Then goes on to get Puppy in Show - Mareeba 2015

Mac - Aust Bred in Group - Mareeba 2015 Photo Cheryl Jones

Ziggy gets 2nd in her class at 2015 Melbourne Royal - our very first Royal - so proud ! Photo Kathryn Cassidy

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