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 2018 Achievements

Many of the first shows of this season were washed out with the rain and horrible weather.  The rain however was very much needed here in Townsville to fill our dam!!

One of my aims for this year was to get enough points for both Mac and Ziggy to attain their Grand Champion titles.  which they both ended up getting on the same weekend.  Was very proud as this would be my first Grant Champion and also my first home bred Grand Champion.


Came back for an outing to a show with Dad on the lead.  We may bring out a few more times this year to see how she goes.


  • 1 x Neuter of Breed

  • 1 x Neuter in Group

Mac and Ziggy both achieved Grand Champion status this year and both on the same weekend.  I was over the moon as not only was this my first one but I got two to boot.  Very proud.




  • 19 x Dog Challenges

  • 7 x Best of Breeds

  • 6 x Aust Breds in Group

  • Grand Championship achieved 30/09/18




  • 34 x Bitch Challenges

  • 26 x Best of Breeds

  • 3 x State Bred in Group

  • 4 x Open in Group

  • Grand Championship achieved 1/10/18


Click on photo to enlarge - hover over to get caption


Our "made it to Grand Champions" photo !!

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