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General Information

Scotties are pretty cool dogs but may not be for everyone.  However, once you have had one you will never go back!

​Described as a big dog in a small dogs body, they think they are invincible even though small.  They are headstrong, fiesty, stoic, independant, loyal and definitely not lap dogs.  They only want affection on their own terms.  They can be dominant which can make them hard to train.  If they see a beastie they want to chase, any training goes out the window as their terrier hunting instinct takes over!  And they have the biggest teeth you have ever seen for a small dog!  But do not let these things put you off!!  If you can cope with these things, be prepared to understand them, and have patience with training, you will get along and enjoy having a scottie in your life!


They would ideally be suited to families with older children or no children.  They are not overly tolerant of having littlelies pulling their ears or tails etc and not always tolerant of cats!  But if they are introduced into a family with kids or a cat already in situ, they will fit in.


Lifespan is generally about 10-12 years.


Scotties come in 3 colours:  black, brindle and wheaten.


Size:  Fully grown they are between 24-28cm tall and should weigh between 8-10.5kgs.


Grooming:  Scotties do need regular grooming.  For pets they can have a terrier clip which is easier to maintain, but still needs brushing at least once a week.  If you decide to show they can't be clipped, they need to be hand stripped which takes a while to learn.  We can help with advice on this.


For further information on conformation the Breed Standard can be found here.


Guarding the perimeter !!

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